Like cement job (and career)

Why look for work so hard for young people? This is because, despite their long education, beginning scientists often feel that they have no assets or guidance when getting meaningful work

Most schools do not teach how to compete with other candidates

The odds are that you were told to make the minimum requirements for job search, but the truth is that you need to do much more to be the person that employers want-someone who is self-startable, passionate, and dependent. You'll get this extra mile, and you'll be better equipped to get a job before

About your résumé

Why would you want to do that? Since the scanners and databases will still categorize you according to the keywords, in many cases, employers will only choose your resume if you are well suited to their description

Renewing is not all, but it is an important first step. Given the saturation of "good" resumes, which employers see every day (and these are hundreds), you

If you get a real pair of human eyes, looking at your résumé, they will look in the past on your skills and try to determine if you fit. If you have a job experience

If you need inspiration to make your CV visually appealing, you can check out some templates

In addition, consider strengthening your executive summary through the online portfolio. You don't have to be a web designer these days to learn how to do your job

Competitive-Step outside the comfort zone

It's easier said than done, but you also have to understand that your contest is probably lame

Just sending a few resumes won't make you work. Of course, you may be lucky, but the reality is as beautiful as your resume, maybe only one of hundreds, maybe thousands

And even if this is not the case, the employer, in deciding whether to hire you solely on the basis of your summary, must decide to marry someone only on the basis of his account in the Instagram

An employer who has chosen to hire you solely on the basis of your CV must decide to marry someone only on the basis of his account in Instagram

You have to go out there and actually meet people who are already working for the company you want to work with. Make them your mentors. They work for them for free

How do you meet them? Either get an event in the network, or you can track people over the Internet and offer to buy them coffee. I'm serious

Yeah, people are scarier than your computer, so your opponent will never speak to them. Look at this, like on air conditioning. How much would you like to work in interviews with the people you've met before and can you work with them? Also look at it on the other side of the table. Who would you be? A faceless summary or a hungry person who knocks on your door to work for you?

Be more interesting than ever

You would be surprised how few people follow the polls, expressing their interests and thoughts in the conversation they just received. But the more, the interest in this position cannot stop after you get a job. You need to know everything you can about your field, and that you want you to be at the edge of the cutting

Nothing makes you more important to your employer than if you are constantly studying new things, taking on new tasks, and pursuing new skills. But you can't do that

"Nothing makes you more important to your employer than if you're constantly studying new things."

Next time you have a couple of free hours, you'll get to sites like this

The bottom line is that employers want candidates who will remain passionate about their positions. If you're not interested in the work you're treating, don't waste your time

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